Work Out Like Goldie Hawn

What do trampolines, bottle curls, and afternoon walks have in common? Friendly neighborhood celeb, partner, mom, and grandma Goldie Hawn!

As a forever vibrant and fun presence on our movie screens, Goldie is now bringing her joyful and humorous way of being to our social media feeds. She’s intent on enjoying her life fully with her big family of children and grandchildren, and the community she’s cultivated around her. She’s also a big believer in maintaining your mental and physical health, pouring her time and energy into MindUp, a foundation supporting mental wellbeing and improving quality of life.

If you follow Goldie, you’ll know that her bright smile and zest for life is contagious. She inspires us all to live well and age better, and shares her favorite fun and simple ways to stay active.

“The great news is that exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or take a long time to make us feel good,” says Goldie encouragingly. “Studies show low or moderate intensity exercise is enough to make a difference in our mood, behavior, and thinking patterns.”

Here are Goldie’s favorite ways to keep moving and a breakdown of why these exercises are good for you. 



Rebounding & Jumping

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Goldie invites us along on this little movement break, and right away, the energy is up as she jumps playfully on an outdoor trampoline. Rebounding, the workout trend for low-impact cardio, can be as simple as slow, controlled bounces, or you can incorporate more aerobic step moves. Benefits are improved balance, endurance, joint-friendly strength and muscle building (core, legs, glutes, and back!), improved bone density, pelvic floor health and stability, and cardiovascular performance.

Goldie plays with fun and free overhead arm movements, just to add extra lymphatic flow and movement to the whole workout. Lymph flow is important to keep your immune system strong, prevent infection, and help your body remove waste and toxins.

Goldie uses the FitBounce Pro, but you can also find more budget-friendly options to start rebounding at home!


Weights & Upper Body Strength

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Following Goldie to the kitchen, she picks up two wine bottles and gets lifting, proving that a workout doesn’t have to be complicated! Try lifting whatever light objects you have around in some overhead presses, and play with what different muscle groups you can activate. Pay attention to what feels good (and safe) to you.

Any weight-bearing movements you can do throughout your day is good movement. Muscle mass, bone strength, and grip strength are all key indicators of aging well and preventing disease and illness. Not to mention helping you to enjoy all the things you love every day. Think gardening, swimming, playing games, cooking, playing with kids and grandkids!

If you want to try out a set of simple weights at home, start light and work up with an adjustable option.



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“Walking is the most important thing you can possibly do!”

If you want to change things up a little, try moving backwards for half a block. This simple exercise will challenge your brain, and work different muscle groups in your lower body and back to support your knees, especially. This is one of our go-to, everyday self-care practices. It’s free, no equipment, and no fuss. An added bonus is that a little walk can help with decision making, focus, and overall mental energy levels.

Make a commitment to yourself to walk for just 5 minutes every day for a week, and see how good you feel. Once you start moving, it’s easy to keep going to a little longer!


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We say YES to better sleep and a little mood boost (plus all the other physical benefits), and will be grabbing whatever bottles are on the counter for our next mini movement session while the kettle boils!



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