Shop These 6 Must-Try Beauty Brands for Mature Skin

We are ready to throw away the “youthful” in “youthful glow”! Radiance is possible at every age. And while we agree with Drew Barrymore that “happiness is the best makeup,” who doesn’t love to pick up a new bronzer or blush for a fun confidence boost? As we age, it’s all about enhancing our natural glow and keeping it simple!

When it comes to mature skin, hydration is key. If you find yourself in the cosmetic aisle of the drugstore, your safest bet is to reach for creamy textures and products that list “hydrating” on their labels. Why is this? Well, these types of makeups smooth skin more naturally and are less likely to sit visibly in fine lines. Creamy concealers can help to cover spots without looking caked on. Daily essentials like tinted moisturizer (bonus if it includes SPF) and lip tint can help you feel more revived and highlight your natural features. We like to follow the less is more approach, but also, have fun with it!

We celebrate brands that are mindful of how our skin changes, and create products with mature skin in mind. It’s not about the magic anti-wrinkle potion, but the items that best suit YOUR skin’s needs. Confidence comes from within, but a bold lip color doesn’t hurt!

“My philosophy with beauty is about confidence and just loving what’s on your face, whether they are lines or whatever. Just go with it, it’s easier.” – Bobbi Brown, Jones Road Beauty

Here are a few of our favorite makeup brands for mature skin, plus their top-rated products!


Ilia Beauty creates clean, skin-centric products for women of all ages. They champion radiance that comes naturally, with clean beauty items that protect and revive your skin. 

SHOP: Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon


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SHOP: Complexion Stick


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Jones Road

Makeup, simplified. Jones Road creates clean, high-grade products that work on every skin type and tone. Their products are as simple to use as they are to master. Founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, Jones Road is built out of a lifetime of beauty knowledge.

SHOP: Miracle Balm Lip + Cheek


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Flower Beauty

Created by Drew Barrymore, Flower Beauty has a passion for creating cosmetics and tools that not only make life easier and more fun, but look and feel amazing.

SHOP: Heatwave Bronzing Essence


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RMS Beauty

A pioneer of the clean beauty movement, Rose-Marie Swift is the founder and the spirit of the brand. A master makeup artist for over 30 years, her lightbulb moment was realizing that cosmetics could be made with better, safer ingredients while simultaneously making women more beautiful.

SHOP: ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer

SHOP: Volumizing Peptide Mascara

BOOM! Beauty

BOOM! Beauty by Cindy Joseph is the first pro-age cosmetic and skin care line for women of every generation. Made with only quality ingredients, BOOM! enhances the natural beauty of every woman––in every phase of life. 

SHOP: Lightweight Shaping Eyebrow Mousse for Natural Brows


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Merit Beauty

Merit is the antidote to the overwhelming world of beauty. Merit seeks to simplify what it takes to get ready by creating classy essentials that help you do more with less. We love their impossible-to-mess-up essentials that help you get ready in five minutes.

SHOP: Glow Serum


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For more on creating a beauty routine you’ll love at any age, check out these tips from makeup artist Maxine Muson.



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