A Wellness Coach Shares the Surprising Gifts of Menopause

Scrolling through social media, it’s easy to stumble on negativity when it comes to the topic of aging as women. Articles and advertising encourage us to ‘anti-age,’ ‘bounce back’, and ‘get back our youthful glow’. We get ads for magical weight loss drugs, and are told of more and more new perimenopause and menopause symptoms. (The current count? About 34.) It can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate. 

Menopause is an unpredictable and sometimes uncomfortable ride, and one that we’re not always in control of. But, there’s a silver lining. Actually, six! Passionate about guiding women to know, trust, and appreciate their bodies, Midlife & Sexual Wellness Coach and podcast host Gabriella Espinosa shares some unexpected gifts of menopause that she’s discovered. You heard that right: gifts!

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Gabriella Espinosa

Research shows that this stage of a woman’s life is actually one of the most fulfilling and happy. You know and accept who you are (hello, confidence!), you stress less about the little things, you know your values and priorities, and you’re able to look back with tenderness at the hard work you’ve put in to get here. It’s all about the journey after all.

As you read through Gabriella’s list of six gifts of menopause, take a moment to reflect on the beautiful, hard, and amazing life you’ve built. It’s far from over––plenty of great years are still ahead!

1. Menopause is an invitation to get to know ourselves better.

2. Menopause is an opportunity to empower ourselves with knowledge and upgrade our physical, mental, and emotional health to the best version possible.

3. Menopause allows us to value our lived experience and wisdom.

4. Menopause frees us from being defined by our reproductive capacities.

5. Menopause is an awakening of our deepest desires on so many levels.

6. Menopause is a new chapter in our lives to be embraced, not feared.


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Gabriella Espinosa is a Midlife & Sexual Wellness Coach, and host of the podcast Pleasure in the Pause. She is dedicated to empowering midlife women to own their pleasure, power, and purpose. Gabriella’s guidance takes women on a journey of self-exploration, trust, and knowing. Learn more about Gabriella at www.gabriellaespinosa.com. Listen to Pleasure in the Pause Podcast at www.pleasureinthepause.com and follow her on Instagram.