6 Delicious and Nutritious Plant-based Recipes Recommended by a Pro Athlete

We’re here to tell you that plant-based eating is way more accessible (and tasty!) than you may think. Team Canada boxing champion and Movement teacher Rob Couzens put together his top tips, favorite recipes, and nutritious ingredient ideas to help you add some fresh flavor and energy into your life this Spring. Trust us—Rob has a decade of experience eating a delicious and adventurous plant-based diet, all while working and training as a high-performance athlete. Plants are the secret weapon behind Rob’s punch and helped take him to gold in the ring!


“Within a month of eating a plant-based diet, I felt a shift towards increased energy throughout my day. I was able to work out harder with more intention, recovering faster, and not feeling sluggish as I previously thought was normal.” 


Even in small amounts, becoming more mindful in what you consume could be just what your body is craving. The science shows that eating more whole, unprocessed foods can reduce your risk of cardio-metabolic disease such as heart attacks, strokes, and type 2 diabetes, and it can also contribute to a lower cholesterol level and decreased risk of all-cause mortality. The list of benefits goes on! Another fun plus–the amount of flavors and ingredients you have never tried before may surprise you! 

Ready to refresh your palette and nourish your body in new ways? Here are Rob’s 6 plant-based recipes and creative ingredients for you to try this spring!

1. Creamy Green Pasta

I’ve always loved a creamy pasta and this one hits the spot. Plus, it’s a great way to get some greens in! You can also use non-dairy cream cheese instead of nutritional yeast as another option. 

RECIPE: Try this Vegan Nut-Free Creamy Green Pasta by Lisa Le

2. Edamame Salad

I love a good edamame crunch salad, especially with the unique almond butter dressing. As a kid, I recall loving this type of salad, but I forgot about it until That Vegan Babe reminded me recently with this recipe! I love the extra nuttiness from almond butter, different from a typical peanut butter dressing.

RECIPE: Try this Edamame Salad with Almond Butter Dressing by That Vegan Babe 

3. Soy Curl Beef

Soy Curls are super underrated and not as celebrated as they should be as a beef alternative! Their popularity is starting to pick up, and people are realizing how versatile they are. I love how they soak up the flavor of whatever you’re marinating it in. Personally, I like to throw them into a beef-broccoli-type dish, into a sandwich or burger, or even into pasta! If Soy Curls are completely new to you, you might be wondering what they even are! Soy curls are made by boiling whole non-GMO soybeans in water. They contain no other additives or preservative, and are choc-full of protein, fibre, and iron!

RECIPE: Try Soy Curl Beef recipe by Thee Burger Dude


Rob’s plant-based cooking hack: meal-prep and batch-cooking. This will keep a mindset of health-forward, whole-food eating more attainable, and make your week flow smoothly! Part of the learning curve when trying to eat more plant-based or unprocessed foods is doing your due diligence and making small adjustments over time. Be patient with yourself and don’t feel like you need to change everything all at once! It takes time to learn which foods have more or are better sources of particular nutrients, but it’s worth it for overall feeling of healthiness, lightness, and energy that comes. 

“Many of the benefits I experienced followed into other aspects and areas of my life. Eventually, I had a total change in lifestyle that wasn’t too abrupt, thanks to a steady commitment to improved health.” 

4. Katsu Tempeh

This Katsu Tempeh hit the spot for me as someone that used to enjoy Katsu in Japanese cuisine. Tempeh is another ingredient that many people haven’t heard of, let alone cooked with. It’s an underrated plant option that can be used in many different ways. Tempeh is a fermented, high-protein, plant-based food typically made with soybeans and is a great source of protein and probiotics, which will help improve your overall gut health. This specific recipe can be added to a rice bowl or curry, at-home sushi, or the way I like it-in a hearty sandwich (I’ll also add sauerkraut for more crunch and flavor)! 

RECIPE: Try Katsu Tempeh Curry by No Meat Disco

5. Classic Stir Fry

When eating plant-based, many recipes will call for tofu, so having a solid way to prepare and cook your tofu in a way that you actually enjoy is crucial. This classic tofu chik’n recipe is one way I like to make it, and can be eaten as tasty, bite-sized chunks or added to any stir fry or bowl, depending on the sauce you like!

RECIPE: Try Crispy Tofu Noodle Stir Fry by That Vegan Babe. Or add this Tofu Chicken recipe to your stir fry!

6. No-Bake Date Brownies

As a a chocolate connoisseur with a huge sweet tooth, nothing satisfies my cravings more than a “fudging” decadent chocolate brownie! This recipe is sweetened with dates, which has low GI, meaning a piece of these won’t lead to significant blood sugar spikes or a crash in your energy. This is food that fuels you.

RECIPE: Try these Easy No-Bake Vegan Date Chocolate Brownies on Addicted To Dates


Rob Couzens is a competitive boxer and Movement teacher with more than 15 years of experience in the ring and over 120 fights under his belt. A member of Team Canada, Rob is a four-time Gold Canadian Championship Champion, seven-time Provincial champion, and four-time Golden Gloves Champion, also crowned, ‘Golden-boy’ among other notable tournaments. Outside the ring, Rob uses movement to stay creative, find longevity and ease in all aspects of his lifestyle.

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