Weekly Moves | October 10-16

A drop in energy in the afternoon is a normal response to our circadian rhythm. It’s the reason we crave a pick-me-up coffee, or struggle to finish a simple task. This week’s schedule highlights our Midday classes; designed to recharge your body and refocus your mind. Feel how movement can help you reconnect with your body, boost your mood, and give you energy to carry into the rest of your day.



The Schedule


▶︎ NEW | Middays with Farinaz | Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class (3 Mins)
▶︎ Middays with Rob | Chair Strength & Cardio-based Boxing Class (5 Mins)

Let’s begin! Start with Farinaz’s Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class, a quick class that packs a punch. Continue your movement session with Rob’s Chair Strength and Cardio-based Boxing Class, which will improve skill, mobility, and cardio – all from your chair.


▶︎ Middays with Adrian | Strength Reset Class for the Hips & Glutes (5 Mins)
▶︎ Middays with Keighty | Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class (5 Mins)

Today’s midday practice starts with Adrian’s Reset for the Hips & Glutes, a strength class that will revive your body and mind. End your workout with a 5-minute afternoon wake up in this Fun Agility & Stability Class taught by Keighty.


▶︎ NEW | Upper Body with Amanda | Movement Class (10 Minutes)

Strengthen and stabilize your upper body in this short and accessible Movement Class led by Amanda. This class uses just your body weight and will leave your back, core, and arms feeling strong and supported.


▶︎ Middays with Kate | Strength Building Weighted Yoga Class (6 Mins)
▶︎ NEW | Middays with Dom | Dynamic Athletic Conditioning Class (8 Mins)

Get ready to move intentionally! Today’s classes require focus and precision. In Kate’s Strength Building Weighted Yoga Class, you’ll learn movements that will loosen up your muscles and joints. Move on to Dom’s Dynamic Athletic Conditioning Class, finding your athletic form one rep at a time.


▶︎ NEW | Middays with Leo | Adaptive Upper Body HIIT Class (18 Mins)

Join Leo for this challenging adaptive Tabata class, a form of HIIT training that breaks down into clearly defined intervals. No matter what level you’re at, this class will build your cardiovascular endurance, strength, and sense of vitality.

This Weekend

▶︎ NEW | Your Turn | Take Your First Kickboxing Class with Gabriela (37 Mins)

Farinaz leads you and Gabriela in this follow-along beginner kickboxing class. Learn proper form, how to remove mental barriers, and explore how fun and confidence building kickboxing can be. You don’t need to be a fighter to try it — this workout is for everyone!

Creativity Bonus

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