Movement Challenge Prep Week

This week, we’re going back to the basics as we count down the days until The 30-Day Movement Challenge, starting April 1! We’ll relearn the essentials and prepare to build on foundational moves, starting by addressing things that usually go unnoticed (we see you, breath work!). Increase your confidence to explore new movements in the days to come!




▶︎ Balance Checkup with Adrian | Everyday Mobility Class (13 Mins)

Balance is a key component of how you move! Start your week with this balance checkup to improve your posture and the quality of your movements. Find yourself feeling confident that you can always regain your balance.


▶︎ Morning Activation with Amanda | Core Breathing Class (5 Mins)

Start your morning off with this simple and powerful core-activating class. Morning Activation is designed to be repeated as these subtle techniques take time to integrate. With practice, you will feel strong and grounded.


▶︎ NEW | Dancer’s Preparation with Livona | Playful Movement Class (22 Mins)

Put on cozy clothes and join Livona for a dancer’s warm up! This class will increase your functional mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Follow Livona through movements that will encourage you to move playfully and help you find freedom in your body.


▶︎ Half Moon with Kate | Balancing Yoga Class (24 Mins)

This class is about finding your balance! In this yoga practice, Kate will prepare you for the challenging and graceful Half Moon by working on strengthening standing poses. Let your breath ground you, finding the balance point between strength and grace.


▶︎ New | Grapevine with Sylvia | Energizing Low Impact Cardio Class (6 Mins)

Put your to-do list on pause for just six minutes and join Sylvia for a fun movement break! This dance class is low impact, ensuring you get the benefits of raising your heart rate while keeping your joints happy and pain-free. Aim to get a little silly and let your moves make you feel good.


▶︎ Get Ready with Adrian | Full Body Functional Movement Class (9 Mins)

Prepare to move! This is your go-to class to take before a game of tennis, hike, a round of golf, or any activity where you will be challenging yourself. A series of ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder mobility drills, and balance work will leave you feeling ready to take on anything with confidence.


Rest Day
▶︎ NEW | Bedtime Tuck with Amanda | Restorative Stretch Class (14 Mins)

Prepare for a good night’s sleep with a series of restorative hip openers, forward folds, and twists. Gentle moves, long holds, and calm breathing will set you up to start the first full week of The 30-Day Challenge feeling fresh and energized!

The Creativity Bonus

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