Weekly Moves | Mar 21 – 27

It’s easy to put off exercise in the moment even though we know it’s important for our long term health and happiness. Short-term promises can motivate us, but if we don’t consider the long term benefits, it’ll be more difficult to create a practice that sustains us through all seasons of life. This week, we encourage you to try having empathy for your future self. Think about how your decision to move today will positively impact you in the future.


The Schedule


NEW | Learn the Fundamentals of Strength Training & Get Stable with Keighty. Start the week with two foundational strength practices. First, learn four tips on how to add spice to your at-home workouts with Keighty Gallagher. Then, move through Get Stable –– a practice that’s all about Lower-Body work. Give it your best today! Time: 28 mins


Foundational Sun Salutations Practice. Today’s 15-Minute Practice takes you through Sun Salutations, transitions into sitting and breathing exercises, and ends in Savasana. After this practice, you should feel calm and replenished in your body and mind. Time: 15 mins


Physical Education with Adrian & Evenings with Adrian. Start by watching Adrian’s Physical Education episode where he coaches retired grandmother Patti Nixon through functional and strength based movements. Then, wind down with Evenings with Adrian, a rejuvenating class that focuses on loosening and restoring your connective tissue and large muscle groups with trigger point exercises using a foam roller. Time: 15 mins


NEW | Neck Mobility & Athletic Core Class with Dom. Follow Dom through a series of neck mobility exercises designed to increase your range of motion, strength, posture, and alleviate tension. Then, move through a series of athletic core moves and finish in a revitalizing supine resting pose. Time: 12 mins


Fire Fan Practice with Kate. Today, follow Kate Potter through a challenging 35-minute yoga sequence that works to clear your mind, and help you to feel awake and strong in your presence. Time: 35 mins


Around the Guard Practice with Rob
Learn Frog Level 1
Learn Pistol Squat Level 1
Learn Lunge & Knee
Learn Low Kick

On Saturday, explore your athleticism with conditioning drills and engaging boxing combinations in Rob’s 12-minute boxing practice. Then, finish the week off by learning a variety of moves from our Movement Foundations and Kickboxing Foundations programs. Time: 12 + 7 mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch the documentary Fountain of Youth and follow aging pro freeskier, Mike Douglas, as he travels to Japan in search of the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity.