Try Something New

Trying new forms of movement will not only build up your physical strength and capacity, but also expand your mental focus and create new pathways in your brain. No matter the discipline, this week’s well-rounded schedule will workout every area of your body. The best part? The lasting confidence that comes with accomplishing something you never thought you could do!

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The Schedule

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▶︎Your Turn | Take Your First MuayFit Class with Susin (26 Mins)

In this episode of Your Turn, world champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari leads Susin (and you!) through a beginner MuayFit class. This class is about exploring how strength training can be fun and confidence building.


▶︎NEW | 2-Minute Dance Release with Trilby | Dance Cardio Class (2 Mins)

Get in a quick cardio boost and join Trilby in a little dance party, prioritizing playfulness and fun for just two minutes!


▶︎Up and Under Practice with Rob | Core-focused Boxing Class (13 Mins)

This class all about the uppercut! Activate your full body and strengthen your core with conditioning intervals matched to support your boxing practice


▶︎NEW | Unfurl with Livona | Beginner Contemporary Dance Class (32 Mins)

This fluid and creative style of dance will help create a sense of freedom in how you move. Learning to dance gifts you with a new way to communicate with your body and the world around you.


▶︎Express HIIT with Amanda | Functional HIIT Class (10 Mins)

Join Amanda for a quick 10 minute burst of energy! Her functional mobility warm up will prepare your body to move safely through a fun circuit.


▶︎Free Your Hips | Beginner Belly Dancing Class (24 Mins)

Learn the fundamental belly dancing moves, head slides and hip circles, and traditional belly dance moves and express a new side of yourself.



Take a well deserved rest day.

The Creativity Bonus

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