Feel Like a Kid Again

Happy first week of June! Remember those playful summer days spent outside, coming home tired and happy after a long day of fun? This week, we encourage you to bring that energetic, anything-is-possible feeling of summertime movement to your practice!

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The Schedule

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▶︎ Foundational Sun Salutations with Amanda | Beginner Yoga Class (15 Mins)

Start your week with a yoga class to refuel your body and mind! This 15-minute practice with Amanda will take you through gentle moves, as well as sitting and breathing exercises, helping you reach a place of intentional rest. Get ready to feel calm and grounded!


▶︎ Evenings with Keighty | Full Body Strength Conditioning Class (6 Mins)

Join Keighty for a simple athletic strength and conditioning class. Follow her lead through a decreasing repetition drill that will work downwards in reps. Finish feeling grounded, strong, and powerful!


▶︎ NEW | The 300 with Dom | All Levels HIIT Class (20 Mins)

Break a sweat with Dom! This is your challenge: to move through five rounds of five exercises, building up to 300 reps. Challenge yourself to the level that feels best for you today. Whether it’s just one round or a few reps—you should be proud!

Looking for something with lower intensity? Try Your First HIIT Class with Vanda for a fun workout that will keep you moving at your own pace.


▶︎ NEW | Dancer’s Stretch with Livona | Full Body Movement Class (19 Mins)

Connect to your body in new ways with this Dancer’s Stretch class! Feel yourself move like a dancer, finding a sense of fluidity, grace, and play in your movements. Finish with a relaxing guided meditation and let yourself soak in the feelings of warmth, openness, and relaxation.


▶︎ NEW | Why You Should Try Kickboxing | A Message from Farinaz (1 Min)
▶︎ NEW | Beginner MuayFit with Farinaz | Full Body Strength Class (12 Mins)

Feel strong and athletic today! Watch an encouraging message from Farinaz before moving into a strength training class that will meet you at whatever chapter of life you’re in. Work at your own pace, breathe with control, and press pause if you need a break.


▶︎ Get Ready with Adrian | Full Body Functional Movement Class (9 Mins)

Take on any activity with confidence! This class was designed to prepare you for movement, or any activity where you will be challenging yourself. Follow Adrian through a series of ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder mobility drills, work on your balance, and finish with a powerful knee drive exercise.


▶︎ NEW | Cardio Essentials Collection: Pick a class!

Work up a sweat today! Choose a class from the Cardio Essentials Collection, with classes that range from 5-25 minutes. Improve your cardiovascular health, energy, and mobility, and enjoy the accomplishment that comes from these short and sweet workouts!

The Creativity Bonus

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